Hoffgun Street Legal


20% Down – 30 Days (If you need a little more time we will work with you). Defaulting on a lay-a-way will result in a $25.00 charge.


New Guns: New guns are warranted by the manufacturer, though Hoffman’s will gladly handle it for you. If we can repair the problem, then there is no charge. If the firearms has to be returned to the manufacturer, all you pay is a $25.00 S&H charge.
Used Guns: Used guns have a 30 day warranty. Hoffman’s will repair it or allow you full credit towards another gun. No refunds on any firearm – new or used


The State of Connecticut has very specific rules and regulations regarding the purchase of firearms.  The below information serves as a guideline.  The CT State Firearms Unit should be contacted for more comprehensive rules and limitations.


Hoffman’s will need to contact the CT Firearms Unit to request an authorization for any purchase and must adhere to all CT policies and procedures in this regard.


Identification used in the handling or purchasing of firearms must be valid and not expired.


Purchasers will be required to produce a valid CT Driver’s License or CT Identification Card with a CT address.  Those with dual residency  must have the CT address on their CT Pistol Permit.  Their driver’s license may be out of state but those with dual residency will be asked to attest for the CT Firearms Unit that CT is their primary residency.


When purchasing only with a CT Pistol Permit, Eligibility Certificate, or Long Gun Certificate there are some firearms that are considered non-compliant with CT firearm laws.  By way of example, some threaded barreled guns or assault weapons.  Magazines must also be only 10 rounds manufactured.


To buy or handle a handgun in Connecticut you must be 21 years of age and produce your CT Pistol Permit or CT Eligibility Certificate (military and police see below respective sections).


To buy a rifle or shotgun you must produce your CT Pistol Permit, CT Eligibility Certificate or CT Long Gun Certificate.  Legislation in April of 2013 specified that a Hunting License may NO longer be used to purchase firearms in the state of CT.   Purchasers with a respective CT NON RESIDENT Pistol Permit may purchase compliant long guns, but must also produce their resident state permit (for example… a resident of MA would need to ALSO produce his/her MA FID card).


Assault weapons are segmented between pre-ban and post-ban.  Post-ban firearms may not be purchased with a CT Pistol Permit, CT Eligibility Certificate, or CT Long Gun Certificate (military or police see sections below).  Some pre-ban firearms may be eligible for purchase with the CT Pistol Permit, CT Eligibility Certificate or CT Long Gun Certificate.   It is important that you verify prior to purchase.


Ammunition can be purchased with a CT Pistol Permit, CT Eligibility Certificate, CT Long Gun Certificate, and an Ammunition Certificate.  (see military and police below).


Magazines that are CT Compliant (10 rounds manufactured) may be purchased with a CT Pistol Permit, CT Eligibility Certificate, or CT Long Gun Certificate.  (see military and police below).


Primers and powders may be purchased with a CT Pistol Permit, CT Eligibility Certificate or CT Long Gun Certificate, or valid state Driver’s License.



ACTIVE MILITARY members will need to produce their Military ID and active duty orders for Connecticut.  Hoffman’s also requires that active military members produce proof of CT residency (CT Driver’s License with CT address or a copy of Permanent Duty Orders).


Regular handguns may not be purchase solely with the DOD identification.  However, assault pistols (those having a threaded barrel) may be purchased WITH a CT Pistol Permit and CT residency.


Both long guns and CT assault weapons may be purchased using the DOD identification and CT residency.


Ammunition and magazines may be purchased using the DOD identification.  High capacity magazines required DOD identification and proof of CT residency.



In addition to presenting a valid Badge and proof of CT residency, a letter from the Chief must be presented when purchasing assault weapons.  The content of that letter must include the following points:

-Affirms that the officer is in good standing

-Acknowledges that the firearm being purchased is an assault weapon.  For example, it cannot just say generically “a firearm”.  It does not need to list the exact weapon manufacturer name or model, but it does need to include the words “assault weapon”.

-Affirms that the officer has not been convicted of or have any pending charges for domestic violence.

-Acknowledges that the weapon will be used in ‘capacity as an officer” or “duty use”.

-Must be dated and signed within 1 week of purchase